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Dear Theophilus

Dear Theophilus – An Evening With St. Luke

December 20, 2014

Dear Theophilus Experience the Birth of Christ Through The Eyes, Mind, and Words of St. Luke. This evening of words and songs will not only make you see the Incarnation in a whole new way, but will open your heart to the miracle of our Savior’s birth. Featuring St. Clement’s Choir, St Clement’s Youth Choir and St. Luke’s […]

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Sniffing out forgiveness

Hi Peeps! It’s your fave super-shiny-dog-of-Dobiness, Winston, fresh from hanging out with his canine pals DJ B-gal and DJ Chew-wow-wa (ed: and also fresh from having a bath – and those ‘DJ’names? Really?). Awwwww dad – you always have to spoil things like an old grump. And to prove my point, see the photo evidence […]

`Tis the Season … to be scammed.

`Tis the Season … to be scammed. This year, more than any other, there will be people vying with each other to con you out of your money. They will use various means to gain access to your accounts, but their preferred methods involve emails and telephone calls. Scammers are naturally good at deception, so […]

Bah Hum Bug!

Bah Hum Bug! The holidays are upon us. The practicing, selecting, shopping, cooking, decorations, presents, cards, emails, caroling, parties, entertaining, on and on. Bah Hum Bug!!!!!!! I prefer the practicing, rehearsals, music, cards, emails, decorations. For starters, I am not a cook, I don’t need to entertain, and shopping has never been my forte, therefore […]

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The theme Flourish in Faith from our Stewardship Initiative has touched each one of us as we try to come to terms with all the wonderful things we have received from God, and how best each of us can respond. But faith in God always makes demands on us – it always calls us to take that next step, not quite knowing where it will take us, apart from knowing that God promises always to be with us. It is a way to express gratitude for the blessings of God and return the blessing in tangible ways. It is a way of proclaiming your belief that God is at work in our church; it is way of reminding yourself that God gets a piece of the pie because He is the one who brought you the pie in the first place.

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