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What points in two directions at the same time?

Yo to the Peeps! How’s it goin’? You keepin’ all chilled in the hot, horrible heat? Me – I’m keepin’ cool on the tiles at home: the carpet and the beds are too hot, although they were nice to lie on while I nursed my wounded ear. But a Dobie Dog soon bounces back – […]

Jesus calls us to have eyes that see.

Many years ago there used to appear in newspapers – at least in the UK – a strange-looking picture. These pictures weren’t in every day, but would appear occasionally as a kind of diversion for people. These pictures looked really odd – just a half-page of colors and blotches, with nothing but a vague clue […]

Establishing Best Practices – because God expects the best of us.

One of the things that a church should do is take pride in doing things to the best of their ability. This occurs in worship, where we bring ‘our best selves’ to offer to God. In music and singing, prayer, and preaching we do the very best we can, rather than offer meager ‘left overs’. […]

Winston on Pentecost. Preach it Brother!

Hey Peeps! How is your ‘spring that wasn’t spring but which too soon turned into summer’ going? Tongues hanging out? I know mine is! Dad has been showing me photos of all the work that’s been going on at the church. Nice to see there’re a couple of canines overseeing things, otherwise you’d be in […]

Winston meditates on mothers.

Hey Peeps! How’s the Season of Easter going for you? Things are great here – now that the light is coming to the mornings I’m getting longer walks. It is also the time of the year that the birds and squirrels seem to get busier: building nests and playing ‘chicken’ with the cars on the […]

We believe in the resurrection – in what way?

No sooner have we entered the mystery of the Resurrection of our Lord, than we are thrust into the mystery of the Ascension. Its not as if we can really make that much sense of the resurrection, is it? We can even feel the struggle those who witnessed it had in trying to explain it […]

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The theme God The Giver from our Stewardship Initiative has touched each one of us as we try to come to terms with all the wonderful things we have received from God, and how best each of us can respond. But faith in God always makes demands on us – it always calls us to take that next step, not quite knowing where it will take us, apart from knowing that God promises always to be with us. It is a way to express gratitude for the blessings of God and return the blessing in tangible ways. It is a way of proclaiming your belief that God is at work in our church; it is way of reminding yourself that God gets a piece of the pie because He is the one who brought you the pie in the first place.

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