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Musical cents … or is it “sense”

We humans have the gift of 5 senses: touch, smell, taste, sight and sound. Which two are mostly used in music? Correct answer if you mentioned sight and sound. If you play an instrument, then touch is also involved. When we were in about the 3rd and 4th grade, we learned to repeat rhythms, maybe […]

Humility & Truth

In the beginning was a pup – and what a pup! Life wasn’t easy for him, but he grew in stature and in strength to become the fine young canine you have before you. Dad’s been studying the Gospel of john, so I thought I’d play a riff on that book’s opening words: “In the […]

On Retreat: The First Two Weeks of Rector’s Sabbatical

During my recent trip to England I spent time in retreat at the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham, which is in the county of Norfolk. This was a ‘Priest’s Pilgrimage’ at which were over 150 priests (mostly Church of England), all heaped together (I use the collective noun ‘heap’ for clergy) to pray and […]

Make A Donation

The theme Flourish in Faith from our Stewardship Initiative has touched each one of us as we try to come to terms with all the wonderful things we have received from God, and how best each of us can respond. But faith in God always makes demands on us – it always calls us to take that next step, not quite knowing where it will take us, apart from knowing that God promises always to be with us. It is a way to express gratitude for the blessings of God and return the blessing in tangible ways. It is a way of proclaiming your belief that God is at work in our church; it is way of reminding yourself that God gets a piece of the pie because He is the one who brought you the pie in the first place.

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