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The Daughters of the King Hosted Our Easter Events. What Is the DOK?

The St. Clement’s Episcopal Church Tampa Chapter of the Daughters of the King (DOK) hosted our Easter Breakfast, Easter Egg Hunt, and Scavenger Hunt last Sunday.  In November, it will host Thanksgiving Dinner, one of our major annual events. What is the DOK? It is an order of women who have pledged themselves to work for […]

St. Clement’s Episcopal Church Commemorates William Muhlenberg & Anne Ayres

Today — April 8 — St. Clement’s Episcopal Church commemorates William Augustus Muhlenberg, priest, & Anne Ayres, religious. William Augustus Muhlenberg was the great-grandson of the founder of Lutheranism in America and the grandson of the first Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. Drawn to the Episcopal Church, he was ordained in 1820. He […]

St. Clement’s Episcopal Church Commemorates Tikhon

Today — April 7 – St. Clement’s Episcopal Church commemorates Tikhon, Patriarch of Russia and leader of Russian Orthodoxy in North America. “Devote all your energy to preaching the word of God and the truth of Christ, especially today, when unbelief and atheism are audaciously attacking the Church of Christ.” Following the Russian Revolution, the […]

St. Clement’s Episcopal Church Commemorates Daniel G. C. Wu

Today — April 6 — St. Clement’s Episcopal Church commemorates Daniel G. C. Wu, priest and missionary. In 1913, this item appeared in The Living Church magazine: “On the morning of the Seventh Sunday after Trinity, in the chapel of the San Francisco mission for Chinese, the newly ordained priest in charge celebrated his first Eucharist. […]

St. Clement’s Episcopal Church Commemorates Pandita Mary Ramabai

Today, April 5, St. Clement’s Episcopal Church commemorates Pandita Mary Ramabai, prophetic witness and evangelist in India. Throughout a life filled with obstacles and sorrow, she never lost her evangelical enthusiasm: “What a blessing this burden does not fall on me. But Christ bears it on his shoulders.” Born in 1858, Pandita Ramabai was denied access to […]

Lenten Workshops — Five Weeks of Christian Fellowship

Father Andrew & Father Lewis tag teamed once again today for the last session of their Lenten Workshop, “So You Think You Know Who You Are?” Much of the discussion was on the Body of Christ – the members of the church in Christian fellowship as they do God’s work – in the church and […]

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The theme God The Giver from our Stewardship Initiative has touched each one of us as we try to come to terms with all the wonderful things we have received from God, and how best each of us can respond. But faith in God always makes demands on us – it always calls us to take that next step, not quite knowing where it will take us, apart from knowing that God promises always to be with us. It is a way to express gratitude for the blessings of God and return the blessing in tangible ways. It is a way of proclaiming your belief that God is at work in our church; it is way of reminding yourself that God gets a piece of the pie because He is the one who brought you the pie in the first place.

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