The St. Clement’s Episcopal Church Tampa Chapter of the Daughters of the King (DOK) hosted our Easter Breakfast, Easter Egg Hunt, and Scavenger Hunt last Sunday.  In November, it will host Thanksgiving Dinner, one of our major annual events.

What is the DOK?

It is an order of women who have pledged themselves to work for “the extension of Christ’s Kingdom through prayer, service, and evangelism.”

In 1885, a group of women in an Episcopal parish in NYC met regularly for bible study.  They called themselves “Daughters of the King.”  On the evening of Holy Saturday, they held a special meeting and resolved that they would pray to God every day of their lives and He would empower them in their work — to spread the Kingdom of Christ among young women.  The Order of the Daughters of the King was born.

The order spread quickly throughout the Episcopal Church and to Anglican, Lutheran, and Roman Catholic churches.  It spread nationally and internationally.  Now, 130 years later, its mission remains that agreed upon by its founders.

Membership in the order is open to women at every stage of life — from 7 to 107 — and at every stage of our Christian journey.  Each Daughter undergoes a three-month period of study and discernment prior to taking vows.  At The Service of Admission, she receives the Cross of the Order as a mark of her membership.

DOK Cross

The St. Clement’s Episcopal Church Tampa Chapter is multi-generational.  A number of mother and daughter duos belong. Becky Mack is president and Father Rick Fellows is chaplain. Members of DOK meet monthly for prayer and study, on the first Sunday of each month.

A portion of each meeting is dedicated to intercessory prayers.  Parishioners are welcome to ask the DOK for prayers.  Their requests will be kept confidential.

The DOK hosts first Sunday coffee hours every month.  All its services are specifically intended to nourish the Church.  The order is prohibited from holding fundraising activities.

Any women interested in the DOK are welcome to attend the monthly meetings.  For more information, contact Becky Mack or the St. Clement’s Episcopal Church Tampa office, 813-932-6204, visit, or speak with any DOK member.