winston_picHey Peeps!

How is your ‘spring that wasn’t spring but which too soon turned into summer’ going? Tongues hanging out? I know mine is!

Dad has been showing me photos of all the work that’s been going on at the church. Nice to see there’re a couple of canines overseeing things, otherwise you’d be in a complete mess. Shout out to Tammy and Hunter: they may be small, but they are MIGHTY!!!

Me? I’m glad you asked! I’m chillin’ in prep for my up-coming dental cleaning. Dr. Daniels – Dog Doctor – is all set to give me some Dream Gas so she can clean up my teeth, and also remove a small growth in my ear. Once I’m through with that I’ll be back to giving my dad a hard time, keeping him on his toes, and generally driving him crazy.

I know – its hard work, but someone has to do it J

The tooth cleaning is a part of my regular checkups, inoculations, and health maintenance plan – all with the view of keeping me in tip-top condition. Of course, there is good food needed, and then good exercise needed as well; after all, if you don’t use it, you lose it!

I suppose the same can be said for buildings. I guess what is happening with the Parish Hall and the C.E. Building is maintenance to bring them up to speed and condition. The hope is they will be used far more frequently as a result.

Maybe buildings are like muscles: the more they are used, the stronger they get?

Hmmmm … I would have to say ‘nope’ to that: Buildings can’t improve the more they are used; they can only deteriorate without maintenance.

So building won’t improve with use … but peeps can.

I hear that early in June the Church celebrates the sending of the Holy Spirit – as promised by Jesus. In some ways, this is the birthday of the Church! I like birthdays: food, cake, and the forbidden chocolate. Mmmmm!

The Holy Spirit is kind-of like a birthday experience for the Church … apart from Him being God, and the peeps being already born. Except … the Holy Spirit brings about new birth – so that things change. Well … actually … every-thing changes!

This coming of the Holy Spirit fulfills another part of the promise of Jesus: that with Him peeps would have life – but it would be life in the fullest.

This sounds awesome; this sounds too good to be true.

So is it?

Having read the Bible – specifically the Acts of the Apostle-Peeps – I know that when the Holy Spirit came, the peeps who’d locked themselves in a room because they were scaredy-felines suddenly became bold. But suddenly – in a Doctor Doolittle way – these Apostle-Peeps began speaking in languages and dialects everyone but themselves knew. From being stuck indoors, they were now outside speaking about Jesus to all those who were visiting.

This coming of the Holy Spirit came fifty days after the resurrection of Jesus – and so was given the name Pentecost.

Thus (a ‘dad’ word, I know!) the Holy Spirit brought to life the Church – the peeps who heard of Jesus believed in Him – believed that Jesus was the promised Messiah come from God, and more: that Jesus was God Himself.

So … as far as I can tell … Pentecost isn’t just the Birthday of the Church; it is also the founding Birthday of every peep who claims Jesus as Lord.

I say this because the rather long-winded St. Paul said that if you believe, then the Holy Spirit makes His home in you, and you become a temple of the Holy Spirit. This, then, links you intimately to the Apostle-Peeps back in Jerusalem.

The same Holy Spirit – who is God – is eternal and, as I see it, links peeps in all times and places through His eternalness together. I guess this means that although you peeps are individual ‘temples of the Holy Spirit’, there is a communal part in that when you come together to worship you become not just the Church but the Body of Christ!

Reading further into the Acts of the Apostle-Peeps, I noticed that there seemed to be no difference between the Christian peep who went about living his or her life, and that same peep when he or she went to church. There was no separate ‘secular time’ and ‘church time’ – both were the same; all time was a good time to worship, which means that every aspect of life was worship.

I’m assuming that this meant that every aspect of your lives should flow into every other, so that what you do in your daily lives – work, family, friends, hobbies – are interwoven with worship as you remember God in all things. Then, when you all come back together as ‘the Body of Christ’, your time during the rest of the week informs your single-minded time before God. Worship begets worship!!

“The Lord be with you” is something you say often, but I wonder how seriously you take the truth of that statement? “Yes He is!” is what should say to yourselves – and constantly – because you know that the Holy Spirit lives in you, bringing you to new life; shaping and molding you to become like the Son – Jesus Christ!

Keepin’ it Pentecostal Real,


Winston's Paw