winston_picYo to the Peeps!

How’s it goin’? You keepin’ all chilled in the hot, horrible heat? Me – I’m keepin’ cool on the tiles at home: the carpet and the beds are too hot, although they were nice to lie on while I nursed my wounded ear. But a Dobie Dog soon bounces back – so here I am, cuter than ever, and raring to write J

As you may have seen on Facebook, I had to wear a Cone of Shame for a while. The idea was to stop me from scratching the itch that was my wounded ear.

It was terrible, peeps – TERRIBLE I tell you. Being unable to scratch an itch is, like, the worst thing. Well … for a canine, anyway. I guess you have to suffer a lot, listening to my dad’s verbal output week in – week out. Lest you doubt: because of your long-suffering, heaven is assured!

Hey! Where is he? I’d a though he’d have made some comment by now. No? Oh well …

Any hoo: because I was wearing the infernal Cone of Shame (CoS from now on) this somewhat limited my mobility – unless I wanted to scrape all the paint off the walls, and trash the furniture, that is!

So what did I do while I was resting my wounded ear? I have told you about my wounded ear, haven’t I? Well, I did some reading, and often went onto dad’s Facebook page to mess with it. Oh you BAAAD Dobie Dog you!!!

Things were going great until I came across an advert that got my attention.

I don’t normally do the ‘click bait’ thing, but as it wasn’t my Facebook profile, I didn’t care – so I clicked on it.

Up came an advert for a book about churches and what not to do if you want your church to grow.

Apparently, the first thing you are to do is buy that book. See how that works, peeps???

Any hoo – the two – I scrolled down until I got to all the comments that had been written about the book. Except … they hadn’t been written about the book. These comments were all about the comment-ers opinions about why church growth wasn’t happening or, to be more precise, were all about why churches were shrinking.

Here are a couple of representative examples: “Iieing, false doctrine, hypocracy, respect of persons, sugar coating, no wait just one moment, these are the five things that gauretee a huge following!” and “Our bodies are the temple of the living God and the church of Christ is spirit now God can only be worshipped in spirit and in truth” (spelling and punctuation (or lack of) are in the originals).

I kept on reading until I got to the final comment, and as I read, I saw a pattern emerging and – I have to tell you peeps – it wasn’t a pretty pattern.

The first pattern I saw was that there wasn’t one comment that was positive – all of them dissed the church, and the peeps in them.

I have to ask you: what is your motivation for attending a church? I’m sure there are many motivations – some of them negative (if you were being honest with yourself) – but I would reckon that most of you peeps go for honorable reasons – if not saintly ones.

Of course, the correct answer would be something like: “Through my faith in Christ I know that God has called me to be a member of His Body here in this place.”

Along with that confession are lots of implications regarding being a working member of that Body, and a growing member, too.

Now I know you peeps are not perfect – believe me, I know because I live with such an imperfect specimen. But spiritual growth means that you do not stay where you are in your imperfection; you move towards God, becoming more like Him.

And that – in a nutshell – is the spiritual life.

The second pattern I saw in the comments, dear peeps, was this: every single comment was about ‘they’, ‘you’ ‘the church’.

It would seem that all those comment-ers were all well-sorted, ready-for-heaven peeps. It was everyone else who was the problem. If only one peep had said something like “I know I fail to show Christ in my life sometimes …” then that would have made all the difference.

Because that’s it, really, isn’t it, peeps? The reason why you creatures have such hands as you do is to remind you that, when you point your finger at someone, there are three others pointing straight back at you.

Keepin’ it Real,


Winston's Paw