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Rector's Perspective

Fr. Andrew’s monthly editorial from The Anchor magazine.

Jesus calls us to have eyes that see.

by David R

Many years ago there used to appear in newspapers – at least in the UK – a strange-looking picture. These pictures weren’t in every day, but would appear occasionally as a kind of diversion for people. These pictures looked really odd – just a half-page of colors and blotches, with nothing but a vague clue […]

Establishing Best Practices – because God expects the best of us.

by David R

One of the things that a church should do is take pride in doing things to the best of their ability. This occurs in worship, where we bring ‘our best selves’ to offer to God. In music and singing, prayer, and preaching we do the very best we can, rather than offer meager ‘left overs’. […]

We believe in the resurrection – in what way?

by David R

No sooner have we entered the mystery of the Resurrection of our Lord, than we are thrust into the mystery of the Ascension. Its not as if we can really make that much sense of the resurrection, is it? We can even feel the struggle those who witnessed it had in trying to explain it […]

When faith and science collide the truth should win … shouldn’t it?

by David R

In February I attended a show at the Straz Center in Tampa. Well … ‘show’ isn’t exactly the word; it was actually a lecture. The lecturer was a world-renowned paleontologist – Nizar Ibrahim – and he was giving a lecture on the dinosaur Spinosaurus, the history behind discovering it, and the part he played. The […]

Why Audience or Congregation?

by David R

Over the past few decades there has been a movement towards doing what is called ‘me work’, involving fitness, eating properly, and partaking in therapy of one sort or another. Some Christians think that this might be the way to go if we would wish to escape being branded as a ‘whitewashed tomb’ – as […]

Congregation or Audience – What’s the difference?

by David R

I’m continuing the theme of worship, and am going to discuss the question from which I was diverted last month, which was: what is the difference between a congregation and an audience? At first glance, this seems to be a really obvious question – one that’s hardly worth asking. After all, audiences are the assembled […]

Why do we use music in worship?

by David R

Last month I said I would discuss: what is the difference between a congregation and an audience? But, parish life being what it is, I feel the need to answer another question – even as I keep that one in sight! St. Clement’s is soon to be in a state of flux, and that will […]

What is worship? Part three.

by David R

It all starts at 5.15 a.m., if I’m lucky. That’s the time my alarm clock goes off on a Sunday. But it is usually the shock of a cold, wet, 5.00 a.m. nose that raises me from my slumber. Thank you, Winston Alarm Inc. I am not a ‘morning person’ – I’ve had too many […]

What is worship? Part 2

by David R

What is ‘worship’? What is it for, and what is it supposed to ‘do’? I began to look at this question last month, ending with how we now seem to focus on what we want and expect when we spend time with God. Why would we think this? Well, because we live in a society […]

What is worship?

by David R

What is ‘worship’? What is it for, and what is it supposed to ‘do’? These are questions that have been floating around in my mind since I visited several European cathedrals and took part in Divine Worship. Except … Did I really ‘take part’ in Divine Worship, when over 90% of the Service was done […]