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Beyond Chocolate — The True Joy of Lent

Now that Lent is here, a news item has begun to make its annual rounds: that some chocolate manufacturers are removing any reference to Easter on their chocolate eggs – the Easter Egg is no more! News reports say that Christians are outraged; that this is an attack on the Church; and that this is […]

Lenten Spring Cleaning.

by David R

Words of Winston – February 2018   Hey Peeps! I hope all is good in your world – things are certainly cool in the caring canine community! What’s in a name? Fr. Dad calls me by many of them: ‘Doberdog of Distinction’ (of course); Mr. Stinky (when it’s time for me to have a bath); […]

Winston on resolving and hoping.

by David R

Yo to You Peeps! A Happy, Happy New Year to all y’all! I thought of singing that weird old song “Auld Lang Syne” to you – because it says everything that needs to be said about the New Year – but Canon Fr. Bossy Boot’s New Year resolution seems to be that he’s going to […]

Winston on belonging.

by David R

Hey Peeps! I hope you all are doing great, and are looking forward to the Season that is the Reason to be jolly! I’m really feelin’ it this year, but I had to go through something of an introspective moment to get there. You see, there are just too many adverts on TV that are […]

Winston takes aim at ‘easy Christianity’.

by David R

Hey Peeps, How awesome was that, eh? You know what I’m talkin’ about – it was the day that was BOTA; the Blessing of the Animals Fest-eeee-vaaaaaaaal! There were big cats, small cats, Big Cat Rescue; a whole heap of animal rescues, and peeps willing to look after unfortunate animals; and there were animal-related booths. […]

Winston utters the name he’s been told not to name.

by David R

Hello My Dear People, And how are you all today? Are you as mildly interested as I am to know that the Blessing of the Animals Festival will soon be here? (Ed: you’re doing well, Winston.) Nah – sorry dad, but I can’t do it. (Ed: but ..) Hey Peeps! How’s it going? My dad […]

Winston is excited … again!

by David R

Booyah! Boo YAH! [sung to triplet high hats @ 140BPM] Sir Winston is in the HOUSE!!! Editor: been drinking from puddles again, Winston? Nope, Neverend Bore®, I’m super-hyped because: THE DAY IS ALMOST HERE!!!! Ed: you mean bath and flea repellant day? Noooooo – those are days of sackcloth and ashes. I’m talkin’ about he […]

Winston … in conversation.

by David R

Based On a Real Conversation … Dad! What does it mean when peeps say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover? They mean that a book’s cover might look uninteresting, or horrible, but that the words inside may be the complete opposite – interesting and beautiful. The outside doesn’t necessarily match the inside. But […]

What points in two directions at the same time?

by David R

Yo to the Peeps! How’s it goin’? You keepin’ all chilled in the hot, horrible heat? Me – I’m keepin’ cool on the tiles at home: the carpet and the beds are too hot, although they were nice to lie on while I nursed my wounded ear. But a Dobie Dog soon bounces back – […]

Winston on Pentecost. Preach it Brother!

by David R

Hey Peeps! How is your ‘spring that wasn’t spring but which too soon turned into summer’ going? Tongues hanging out? I know mine is! Dad has been showing me photos of all the work that’s been going on at the church. Nice to see there’re a couple of canines overseeing things, otherwise you’d be in […]