Father Alfred ConnllySt. Clement was organized as a mission in 1956, with the first services held in an old wooden recreation building. Though short on material things, the congregation was rich in enthusiasm, love and dedication to God. Seventy communicants were led by a young priest from Ireland, Fr. Alfred E. Conolly. Fr. Conolly saw the first church building built and dedicated in 1957 with an expansion completed in 1962 and beautification of the buildings and property completed in 1970. Fr. Conolly died in April of that year at age 40 and is buried under a suitable plaque in the memorial garden on the church grounds.

Father BennettFr. Charles M. Bennett conducted his first service at St. Clement in September of 1970 and brought to the church vigor and a dedication to building a parish that would reach out to the area and its people. St. Clement became a parish in 1972 and Fr. Bennett became the first Rector in 1973. An enlarged parish hall and professional landscaping were completed in 1975. On St. Clement Day, November 23, 1982, the new church building and furnishings were dedicated by the Bishop.

Father YoungFr. Robert L. Young became the second Rector of St. Clement in November 1986. Fr. Young’s enthusiasm for ministry and mission resulted in a series of new programs for our parish as well as the community by sponsoring outreach programs along with a full compliment of our own Christian programs for fellowship, education and service.

Father AltonFr. Alton Chapman accepted the call to become the third Rector of St. Clement in April 1998. Fr. Chapman brought a heightened sense of awareness of God’s plan for us and God’s call to use His power to carry out that plan. Upon his retirement in January 2005, Fr. Al left us with his intense devotion to our Lord and love of God’s people, and prepared us to continue our mission and ministry into the new millennium.

Father Andrew Heyes (Rector)In November 2006 we welcomed our current and fourth Rector to St. Clement. Fr. Andrew Heyes came to us from England looking for a place he could call home and a family he could call his own. In the seven years Fr. Andrew has been with us, we have accomplished that and much more in the way of growing as the family of Christ. We have many outstanding programs and practices at St. Clement that contribute to the attraction of our parish. However the dedication factor at St. Clement is one of the strongest characteristics of our parish. People who come to our church are warmly welcomed. There is a love of one another that is pervasive throughout our church family.